Founded in 1991 by Kevin Maloney, Property Markets Group (“PMG”) has direct hands-on experience in the acquisition, renovation, financing, operation, and marketing of commercial and residential real estate. A development firm of national scope, PMG has over 175 real estate transactions including over 80 residential buildings in Manhattan during its 33 year history. PMG has distinguished itself over the last decade for its development of new construction condominium developments in New York City, Miami and Chicago.



We are BAMO. For thirty years, we’ve created captivating environments that flow, function, and make people feel welcome, at ease, and inspired to live — and to dream — more fully.A collective of designers, we bring to each project a richness of experience and perspective, along with an impassioned view of life and our work. We engage clients graciously, listening for the unspoken needs beneath their stated desires. Speaking to the psyche through the senses, and building in layers of meaning, we create true havens: places apart from the everyday. Our interpretive skill is matched by the rigor, expertise, and ingenuity we bring to seeing projects through to completion. This is why hospitality, residential, and corporate clients around the world trust us to bring their visions to life.



FSMY is a full service architectural firm that provides a wide variety of design services. Since 1977 they have been producing an extensive portfolio of designs that range from commercial, residential, medical, educational, financial, and industrial projects. FSMY’s deep history allows their knowledge base of codes, program, and detail to provide an invaluable level of quality with fewer challenges. FSMY’s understanding of how important constant communication and the coordinated efforts of the team is, allows them to anticipate issues and add value to any Project. Their greatest satisfaction comes from providing an enjoyable and profitable experience for profitable for the entire team and establishing lasting relationships. What differentiates them is their 3D Modeling of Designs for coordination and client use as well as their in-house renderings and walkthroughs.